5 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn't Growing

These are just five reasons why your hair may not be growing. There are many more that I didn't add for the sake of brevity. However, you're going to have to take a honest look at your hair and what you need to do. Many times, it's not the hair products. Even though you want the best for your hair, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on hair products. You can grow your hair and not spend a mini fortune on products to keep your hair healthy. 

Sometimes it's the little things. Honorable mentions that I didn't include in this list? Diet, drinking water, moisturize, protein treatments and learning to know which one your hair needs the most, keeping your hands out of your hair, and treating it like fine lace are just some. 

Here are five different reason why your hair may not be growing. You can fix this. You can turn it around. You just need to be more diligent, come up with a hair routine just for you that you will follow all the time, and wait for the progress! 

I thought that I was one of those women whose hair would never grow. I thought that I had to be mixed or of a different race to have long hair. When that wasn't true. We tell ourselves this and act like other races have "good hair".  Our hair can do what many people can't. We have the most unique hair on the planet! That's a beautiful thing. We do have good hair, no matter what other people say. 

You can grow your hair. I did.

Five   Porosity Issues

Porous hair doesn't hold moisture. I had this issue once. So much so that my hair turned red in the sunlight. You can moisturize until you've run through bottles of conditioner and still not get that "slip" that we look for. Your hair simply won't hold moisture when it's porous and without the moisture, you're hampering your own progress. 

Four   Protecting your hair

You've got to cover your hair at night. You've got to make sure that if you don't want to cover your hair, especially when you're with your significant other, at least change your pillowcases to satin. This is important to protect your hair.

Three   Protection Styles

A great protective style! This blogger knows what's up!

If you're not protective styling to protect your hair, then you're doing everything wrong!!


This is important! I have also learned that keeping your hands out of your hair is important. There is a difference between low maintenance styles like braid outs and protective styles like a full weave. 

I saw on FB the other day where people didn't believe that women wore weaves as a protective style. Really ? IN 2016 are we still so ignorant about this? OF course we are. All put down to misunderstanding, of course. Protecting your hair puts your hair away and allows it to do what it does. Grow. Too many of us interfere with the process and make things worse. 

Two   Chemicals

Yep. The creamy crack. In many cases hair color as well undermines growth. When you perm already weak strands, and it's not done correctly, you are harming your hair. You are causing damage to your hair, whether you want to believe that or not. Yes, I see beautifully relaxed hair that drapes past one's shoulders and I want to run to the store and get a box of perm. I want my hair to look like that without using a pressing comb or a flat iron. I wish that I could perm my hair and let it hang and blow in the breeze, looking sleek and chic. I hate having to run screaming from thunderstorms and humidity. My enemy. However, if your hair is not healthy, throwing a perm on top of it won't help.

With color, you need to constantly moisturize your hair. I've repeatedly told people that if you get color you have to moisturize. They promise that they will do what is needed and won't slack off. Then when you see them, their hair has broken off badly. Because they don't do what is needed to keep their hair at its best. 

One  Pulling Hair Too Tight

This one is self explanatory. You pull the hair too tight, it's going to fall out. No question.


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