Black Women Don't Wash Their Weaves...and Other Myths

I ran across a question today where a young man wanted to know why Black women don't wash their hair weaves. He was really upset by this revelation and found the matter incredibly repulsive.

But this is a myth.

Let's tackle it a little at a time. 

1. Black Women Don't Wash Their Hair-- Yes, we do. There are some Black women that were taught that they shouldn't wash their hair. When I was growing up, my mother washed our hair on Saturday nights. We would get our hair done at the shop and look so pretty for Church on Sunday. I had natural hair and my hair would be pressed in spiral curl ponytails.

Black hair doesn't get as oily as our White sisters and brothers. After a few days, their hair gets oily and greasy. Our hair doesn't really do that because of the curl pattern. It depends on the person. However, we do wash our hair. Maybe not every day. Maybe not every other day. I notice that Black people with looser curl patterns wash their hair more frequently than those with tighter curl patterns.

2. Black Women Don't Wash Their Weaves-- Again, they do. It's difficult to get the hair clean while wearing a full weave installed because there is little to no access to the scalp. It's harder to keep clean. Some women use a squirt bottle filled with hot water and shampoo to get in between the scalp. But it can be done and often gets done. These are myths.

This is what happens. Someone of another race has a question about Black people. They get an answer from one of the most uniformed and ignorant voice on the subject. Usually these ignorant people have a television show or are popular. So that myth gets repeated and talked about as if it is the truth. It happens all the time.

If you are a Black woman and believe that you can't wash your hair, you're wrong. IN fact, stop reading this website and go get your behind in the shower now. You go and get you some shampoo and wash your hair! Go wash your hair right now!!! Like now! If you know better, you do better.  If you're wearing a weave, get a squirt bottle, hot water, and some shampoo. Mix them together and use the bottle to get in between the tracks. RINSE with HOT water.  Then sit under a dryer for two hours, making sure the tracks are good and dry. If they are not, you will get a mildew smell to your hair which you don't want. Especially in the summer or if you live in a hot climate.

So there, Black women do wash their hair.


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