Dirty Hair Grows...

....said many wrong people.

I used to hear this statement all the time and I worked in a hair salon as a shampoo girl for many years. One girl, whose hair stayed stagnant at the same length didn't come to the shop for three months.

After three months, she came in, and her hair was noticeably longer....and stinkier. I had to cover my face when i washed her nasty smelling hair. I was so flabbergasted that this otherwise, pretty black woman wouldn't wash her hair. When prompted, she told us that she was so busy and didn't wash her hair until she went to the shop like many women of color.

But her hair was longer and she was convinced because it was dirty. But there are TWO KEY THINGS that caused her to retain her hair.

1. SHE kept her HAIR IN A BUN the entire time.

Because she wasn't getting her hair done, she kept it in a bun. In that bun, she would go to work and school and not really touch her hair. BECAUSE of this, this was a low manipulation style. Low manipulation kept her hands and fingers out of her hair. This encourages hair growth. When you leave your hair alone, it knows what to do.

2. SHE DID not CUT it.

She only let the stylist cut her hair. For some reason, some stylists cut hair at every visit. Since she came to the salon every two weeks faithfully, her stylist cut her ends faithfully as well. With this, her hair was able to grow. They didn't need to cut the ends every other week but she would do it to make sure her hair that blunt cut.

These things caused her hair to grow. Not the dirt. In fact that opposite is true. When the scalp is clean and free from anything obstructing it, the hair will grow better than if the hair was dirty. And big dirt flakes came out of her hair as I washed it. It was disgusting and fascinating at the same time. She thought that her dirt was responsible for it. If I could just shake her today and let her know that it just wasn't true.

I hope she is washing her hair on a regular basis. If not, I feel sorry for her significant other that has to deal with that. Please wash your hair. We may not have to wash our hair often, but it still needs to be taken care of like everything else.


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