The Vixen Sew In

This is the Vixen Sew In, one of the most undetectable sew ins out there. It was created by a genius. I’m not sure of it’s origins but the idea caught on like wildfire. 

The genius of the Vixxen comes down to the braiding pattern and the amount of leave out. You want small braids that lay flat on the head and an amount of leave out that will cover the tracks and the netting used to create this look. If you don’t use enough leave out, it won’t allow for versatile styles, especially parting the hair in fours and then wearing it like that. You could get away with a high ponytail or bun but if it’s not done right, you won’t get the desired look.

Pintrest and Instagram is filled with pictures of this style of varying degrees. Some are good tries, others are a horror show, but many are simply perfection. With Prom Season 2016 coming up, you may want to wear your hair in this style. It’s important that if you get a vixen, you need hair that will match your texture so that you can wear it in versatile styles. 

My daughter is wearing this for prom this year and I will post pictures.

What hair should I get?

You should get hair that will match your texture perfectly. I prefer virgin hair for the longevity. However, get hair that matches.

Should I perm my hair before getting a Vixen?

It really depends on your texture. If your hair is bone straight that you’ve purchased, I don’t agree on getting a perm before putting your hair in a weave. Your hair doesn't have to be in optimal condition for a sew in but it should not be weakened either. If you can, get  a relaxer two weeks before you get a Vixen sew in. This sew in is not as heavy as a full sew in, where all of your hair is braided up. With this sew in, a lot of your hair will be left out. 

What else?

Make sure you have enough hair to put your hair in a Vixen. You will need at least enough hair to cover your sew in so that you can wear the versatile styles. If you don’t have enough, then this style isn’t for you. You have other options thought like a full sew in or even a lace front wig style exactly the way you want it to be. 


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