Tales From A Bald Headed Black Chick

I have to wear a mask due to breathing difficulty. And the fact that I'm on chemotherapy.


I was a bald headed black girl. I thought I needed weave in order to feel and look beautiful. I wore so much of it that it damaged my hair. One day I wore so much glue that I realized that I ripped my hair out and that I didn't have enough to cover the tracks. I cried and cried because I hated the way that I looked.

I didn't think that I could ever look beautiful without hair attached to my head. And I thought that I had to be mixed for my hair to grow.

Now I know that my hair can go to great lengths and that I don't have to have mixed ethnicity to have long hair.

I'm proud to say that I'm APL but that Bald headed black chick still lives inside of me...somewhere she is there. I keep her as a reminder that if you want to change something about yourself, the first step is to make the change.

You can do it.

It took me some time. I started on my journey in 2007 and there were some heavy lumps and bumps and failures among the way. However, I'm getting there.
My goal is to be BSL or even Tailbone length. Waist length? Who knows. I'm at the point now where I've thrown away the hair measuring shirts and just enjoy watching my hair grow.
And it is. It's doing something that I never thought it would do. Who knows what else I can achieve if I just put my mind to it? Who knows?
This is where I am..
This was where I began...


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