Throw Out All Your Products, Junkies

 This is my hair in 2008. I was happy to make neck length.
Here I am boldly claiming shoulder length. I was so happy to have hair touching some part of my body.

Here I am right after my lupus diagnosis. I was happy that My hair was growing but I was not happy that I was just diagnosed with lupus. 

This is my hair just a year or so ago I believe. I had a stumbling block with some hair loss due to my lupus. 

This is my hair growth WHILE on chemotherapy. Take that lupus.

You know what products I used to grow my hair? Shampoo, conditioner, and a little moisturizer with oil. That's it. Many of you go out and buy these expensive products. Some of them are just divine and I know you wouldn't depart with it. Kiehls has a great line of products as well. However, you don't  need to spend a lot of money to have long and healthy hair. I've achieved this length with just the most simple products, even cheapie Suave conditioners. Garnier Shampoo to clean my hair and some conditioner with Argan oil. That's it ladies and gentlemen. 

Keep your hair products if you wish, however if you don't have the money to go out and purchase expensive products that you see the hair gurus use, then don't fret. You can even have fun making your own products at home. I highly recommend that. You can have products that simply are made just for your hair needs. I did it with the minimal. There is no one road to hair growth but I am a believer in less is better. 

We spend the rent money on products that we think will be the answer to hair down our backs. Your hair will grow just as the  hair on your legs and under your arms grow. LOL. Don't worry. Just take care of it, pay attention to what your hair wants, and give it some time. Pretty soon, you'll reach your hair goals.


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