What's The Deal With Aunt Jackie's?

The latest product to hit the shelves.

There is so much to be said about these products.
First off, the comparison to Miss Jessies must be noted. Many of the products are very reminiscent of Miss Jessies, however the price tag isn't as high.

For some reason, Miss Jessies, tends to go as high as $50 at Target. I guess they figured that Black women will spare no expense for great products. They thought wrong with me. I've never cared to even find out. However I get a tepid response about Miss Jessies with my readers.

Aunt Jackie is different.

The products smell wonderful and they are not as expensive. There are many products to chose from, my personal favorite is the moisturizing shampoo and the curl elongated gel. It does wonders. Stay tuned for more information. I have a few products that I am going to do a review on.


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