Believe It: The Jheri Curl Is Making A Comeback!


disclaimer: these are not verified styles that are jheri curls but just making reference to the curl pattern and not the style these women have. 

Believe it or not, the style is making a comeback.

Stylists all over the country have stated that they’ve had clients asking for the outdated style of the 80s.

It replaced the Afro in the 80s and took the Black community by storm. So many people have stated that when they had this style, their hair grew like weeds! Their hair grew so long and they never retained length like this before.

The hair was kept in a constant state of moisture, which helps Black hair grow and prosper. Even though chemicals are used to straighten then curl the hair, the fact that the hair was always kept moisturized ensured that the hair stayed in great condition.

Many people had Jheri curls and their hair snaked down their backs, until the next thing came along and by 1990, only fools and the brave wore their hair in this style. There were a few, including yours truly. I got rid of mine in 1991 when I came into school wearing a mushroom style.

Ice Cube in the 80s
 Some stylists are revisiting this once popular style. There have been some changes as well. Many stylists are using larger rods instead of the smaller ones. They are also combing the curls out, so that they aren’t so tight or that they aren’t so wet. Some people just want the look without the mess.  Some girls that you think have so called “good hair” just may be wearing a jheri curl instead!

Ever envied your friend with the gorgeous curls? Yeah, well it just could be a jheri curl in disguise, set on large rollers, and without the activator juice. Simple conditioner instead of activator makes this style look great.
Set on larger rods instead of smaller, you could get an updated look with a dated style....
One of the best products you can buy for moisture.

Would you love to wake up and have curls like this? A Jheri curl could do that for you set on larger rollers and brushed out....granted that you have the thickness and length that she does that is. Many of you think that a lace front could do the trick, but actually a Jheri curl would too, if you didn’t mind the chemicals. Your hair kept in a constant state of moisture could allow you to retain the hair style.

Don’t count this style out ladies! It could be an alternative for those that want a more permanent solution to having curls all the time. If you don’t want a Jheri curl, and you want looser curls, you could texture your hair, loosening your curl pattern as well, but there is a trick to that. You have to know right when the texture is right; not too straight but leave the perm on long enough to loosen the curl. That could be a little hard to do and it could result in uneven results all over your head as you attempt to do it. AT least with the Jheri curl, you would wear the rods and that would set a more even pattern all over your head. 

Who knows what the future will bring, especially when it comes to Black hair care. We set many trends and will continue to do so in the future. It’s not yet known if the Jheri curl will dominate again. But one thing is for certain, we will never forget it. We will be telling our children about those days about wearing the greasy yet popular hairstyle, and singing the “Soul Glo” song as they scratch their heads and wonder what the heck is wrong with Mom?


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