The Best Hair Care Item That Will Grow Your Hair Guaranteed!

Two of the biggest stars in the 80s (RIP Michael...) rocked this style during this time and it exploded in popularity with Black people. After rocking Afros in the 60s and 70s, Black people were looking for new ways to express themselves with their hair. They got the Jheri Curl. Invented by a White man, but made more accessible by a Black man who recently passed away a few years ago. 

The Jheri Curl is a chemical that is placed on the hair like a relaxer and then set on curl rods. It must be kept in a constant state of moisture which is why we use the activator to keep it curly, shiny and good looking. Otherwise, it would get dry. The user also had to sleep in a plastic bag to keep it looking moist in the morning. It was a bit on the high maintenance side. 

But there was another upside. Many people experienced explosive growth with this style.
Think about it. Girls today use the baggy method. They use their favorite moisture product on their ends and baggy them to care for them. Well, imagine that done on your entire head. Black people hair grew long and they were loving this style. 

Unfortunately by 1990, if you still had this style, you were ridiculed. However, now the style is making a comeback. Don’t believe me? Go to salons around the country and stylists will tell you that this is happening again! Women are privately getting this done. The difference? They wear it dryer so that it is not so obvious and brush the curls out more. They also set their hair on LARGER rollers so it looks different. 

But if you don’t want the chemical then go for the activator! I use this in my hair and it is wonderful. It is really the only thing I use nowadays. S-Curl. 

My Regimen:

1. Wash and condition hair. Deep condition!! Clarify when needed.
2. Braid hair and liberally spray S-Curl on braids three times a week..
3. Wash hair once or twice a week while putting a wig or lace front on. 
4. Clarify on wash day and repeat.
5. When Ready to wear natural hair and straighten, then I wash it, using as little product as possible and wear my hair. 
After this, you can see that your hair will grow like crazy!

It needs moisture when you’re natural and S-Curl is a great moisture product for natural hair. I sprayed it liberally in my hair today and braided it up. I will continue to spray it on my hair every other day or when needed. I don’t want it to be too full of product with gunk all over it. 

So it actually feels great and doesn’t have that bad smell to it. I just keep it under wraps, braided, and out of the way. Then I surprise myself when I do reveals! I will do a Christmas Reveal for this year and that will be in the next four months. Hopefully I will gain another two inches! And then I’ll do another Summer reveal next August. 

The key is just leaving your hair alone!! Putting it away, and keeping it moisturized really. Then washing it when you can and going about your business. I try to forget I have hair sometimes so I don’t play in it. That causes breakage. I do my protein treatments every six weeks. I clarify and then add S-Curl in it. It’s really simple and my hair loves me for it.
Me in December 2007

Me now in 2016! Getting longer and longer when I decided to leave my hair ALONE. Do the minimum. Black girls don’t have to do magic tricks to get our hair to grow. We just have to let nature take its course. So throw out all those products. Just pick up S-Curl or your favorite moisture product and let it go...or should I say Grow?


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