Hair Not Getting Slip? Check Your Porosity!

Everyone should know about the strand test to check for porosity. But how does hair behave with low, medium, and high porosity?

I once had hair that was dry. No matter how much conditioner I used, no matter how much I slathered on, I couldn’t get that “slip” feeling. My hair was even turning red! Copper red! Another sign of high porosity.

Low Porosity-- Hair is shiny and healthy but... It repels moisture! Products don’t soak into your hair. It just sits on top mostly. This hair is prone to BUILD UP! If you use a lot of product. If you use a little product, it doesn’t matter. However, it will also not hold chemicals well. It will resist a chemical process like a perm.

You need moisturizers rich in EMOLLIENTS. LIKE SHEA BUTTER. You can also benefit from Humectant products. This attracts and hold moisture in your hair.

Steam conditioning works GREAT FOR YOU! However, be careful of different gels. If you don’t use the right gel, it will flake and build. You will need to clarify your hair more often than your counterparts because you will get buildup from products more frequently! So keep a clarifying shampoo in the shower!

Use warm water to open cuticles and cold water to close!!!  Use water based products as well! Heavy conditioners will just “sit” on your hair so avoid these. Also stay away from heavy protein as well!

If you want to color your hair, it will take a much longer time because your hair will not take chemicals well.

Medium Porosity--Ideal hair type....however... Requires the least amount of handling and maintenance. However keep checking your hair porosity levels because this is subject to change. Use protein and moisture products regularly. This is ideal! Keep checking the levels to make sure your hair doesn’t go the other way.

High Porosity--Dry as a bone. Won’t hold moisture if you threatened it. Damaged but....Won’t hold moisture to save your life. Feels dry. Your hair will dry very quickly. You may think that’s a good thing. It’s not. It’s an indication that  your hair has high porosity. This would happen to me. I could wet my hair in the shower and it would be bone dry in thirty minutes. It would turn copper red in some parts. High porosity!!! It would not hold “slip” from the most moisturizing conditioners!

There are gaps and holes in the cuticle that won’t allow moisture to penetrate the cuticle. Use heavy moisturizers and leave in conditioners. This needs to be corrected so I would recommend using Roux Porosity Corrector from Revlon. This treatment helped me tremendously. Use anti-humectant products when the humidity is off the charts!

Trim the damaged parts of your hair slowly.... If you want to color your hair, watch out! It will take color quick! But it will fade quickly too. So you will need some preconditioning and fillers before you color your hair.

ACV (Apple cider vinegar rinses) will help close the cuticle and clarify your hair as well.


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