How To Grow Your Edges Back


It is the rallying cry of many women of color.
It is a great “Clap back” when you’re insulting someone. Just go after their edges and you’ll win the battle in the insults when it comes to women of color.

But why are your edges disappearing in the first place

Many reasons.


Lupus, alopecia, thyroid problems...these diseases and illnesses can thin your hair along with your edges. I know that this problem exists for me, in the front of my hair. Discoid lesions pop up in my scalp often and thins my hair out in the very front. Those with thyroid problems can have issues with hair thinning as well. Certain medications can contribute to this.


Either your life is not going well or you’re playing with your hair too much. Stress mentally and physically can make your edges disappear.


That weave is pulling your hair and that ponytail is too tight. Leave these things alone! Loosen up your hair and stop piling that gel into your hair. It’s thinning your edges. You need to sleep with the proper protection.

What can I do to bring my edges back?

Use a Growth Aid -- Find a good growth aid and apply this to your edges. I use a Monistat mixture that can help with hair growth all over. For those that have followed by blog, you know that I gained an additional inch + with my hair!

Scalp Massages   Grab some Jamaican Black Castor Oil and massage those edges ladies. Make sure you do a scalp massage every night.

Low Manipulation Styles  Wear styles where your hands are not always in your hair. Do your hair and forget about it! You don’t want to wear styles that need constant upkeep.

Vitamins-- Take Vitamin E B12, C, and Biotin. IT’S important that you put good things inside of you if you want good things to come out of your scalp. Drink lots of water!!!! Your hair and skin will thank you for it!

Stay Away From Edge Control and Gel-- This stuff is MURDER on your edges. Stick with water, beeswax and a SCARF to keep your edges sleek. The scarf should not be so tight that your eyes bulge out of your head and should only be applied for fifteen minutes. If you have to use gel, use a light one that doesn’t have alcohol. VERY LITTLE AMOUNT. The size of a dime. Some of ya’ll get crazy with it. You don’t need to dip your hand in the bottle of gel.

Stop! Drop the hot comb! You need to focus on styles that are low manipulation. Be careful with wigs that have combs at the edges. These things will rip your hair right out of your head. Treat your edges like lace for a few months (well do this as a lifestyle change) and you’ll see your edges growing back. If they don’t, then you may be looking at permanent damage and see a dermatologist.


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