Let’s Talk Sew In Tips: For the New School Of Sew Ins

Back in the day, we didn’t talk about weaves. They were a secret. We wore weaves that were “believable”. One didn’t come to work with a twenty six inch weave going to work when just yesterday, she had a Halle Berry cut. You would have been laughed out of school or the office.

Today, weaves are longer than Donald Trump’s tax return (maybe..we haven’t seen it.) And in 2016, it’s no big deal. The longer the hair, the bigger the Diva. This was not true in the 80’s and 90’s. The more light your skin was, the more people would think it was you hair strangely. The darker, honey...you can forget about it. Give it up. No one will ever believe that’s yours with dark skin.

However, today, weaves are a lot different. Bundles used to have a lot of hair. Nowadays, they barely put enough in one bundle for a sew in. Back in the day, a bundle would have enough hair for a sew in today. Not any longer. THey’ve gotten smaller and smaller. To where you’d need three and four bundles of hair for a great and thick sew in.

Today, these are tips that you need for a sew in in this day and age.

1. Stop your stylists from chopping up your hair weave!

Hair weaves are expensive. They are car note payments. When you chop up these extensions, you’re creating shedding. When you cut the weft, the hair will shed. SHED. Before long, your expensive hair wefts will be balding. Every time you comb your hair weave, hair will fall into the sink. Tell your stylist to FOLD THE TRACK at the edge instead of cut the track. If you’ve spent a pretty penny for your hair weave, you don’t want the weft to bald. You want that hair to stay as long as you can. So please. Tell your stylist to preserve the wefts. Don’t cut the track. Fold the track.

2. Vixens Aren’t Worth It..

Yes you can wear pigtails. However, if you’ve purchased expensive hair, you MUST cut the wefts to achieve this style. Is it worth it? Stylists also charge a lot of money for these styles. IT’S A PARTIAL WEAVE if you think about it. Yes, there is some intricate braiding going on, but they are charging your for a partial sew in, not a FULL sew in. So why so much? Are they charging you for the versatility? A stylist should always get paid for their work but lets be honest here. A vixen sew in is a partial sew in.

3. Stop perming your entire hair for a sew in!

Yes you want your hair to be IT! You want people to sing Hallelujah when they see your hair. But again, you don’t want to be bald when you take your hair down. NO. If you have worn full sew ins back to back to back, why are you putting chemicals in your head again? There is no need for it. If you’re getting a vixen, then you can perm the leave out however, there will be a chance that you will over process your hair if you don't remember where the leave out was when you do the perm for the rest of your hair. There is no need for chemicals when your hair is all put away. When you decide to relax the sew ins from doing them back to back, THEN you can perm all of your hair. No need to relax all of your hair and then put a full sew in on top of that. You can perm your edges and that’s it.

4. Reuse Your hair!

I can’t believe I have to say this. But re-use the hair as much as you can. You spent the money. Now reuse the weave! Re use it until you can no longer do so and then retire her in a nice grave. It’s your money. Get more bang for your buck. I told my sister to re use her weave and she never listened to me. Now she’s not sure what to do. She needs to wear a weave  due to unfortunate hair loss. However she didn’t reuse the hair and would have to purchase new hair, creating a drain on her finances. She doesn’t listen to anything that I tell her so perhaps I should stop telling her, huh? But that doesn’t mean I have to stop telling YOU.


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