People Are Laughing But This Is No Laughing Matter

Dresslily and Bad photoshopping

This is a beautiful beauty blogger. She is on instagram. She is also wearing her natural hair in a great style! This should be the end of the story but it isn’t. 

I have a Facebook page where we talk about consumer issues, where we target these companies that sell from overseas and scam people out of their money by sending crap. They show pictures of one thing and then send another. The very definition of a scam. In many cases, you don’t get anything at all. False advertising counts as a scam too and you shouldn’t support any site that stoops to these tactics. stole her picture and photoshopped another girl onto her face to sell a wig. The problem is, the girl is not wearing a wig. Its her hair and they didn’t have permission to use the photo. Buzzed did an article about it, but it’s not funny. We urge you to stay away from these sites and not to purchase from them. On our FB page, we have a spreadsheet with companies that have been proven to be a scam. Stay away.


There is nothing funny about doing this to someone. Some people may be laughing, but we are not. Your identity should be protected and not used as fodder to sell low end products. 


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