Please Wash Your Weave Ladies...Please!?!?!?

I have not singled out a race in this blog post. Why? Because when things go wrong, people always want to blame Black women to make us look bad for whatever reason they may have. 

There are tons of women that get sew in weaves and do not have the slightest clue what to do once they are installed.

So they do nothing but make sure that it looks good. They’ll take a flat iron or some curlers to their hair but they forget about the upkeep. I used to be like that. I was scared of washing my hair because I thought that I would mess something up.

There is this myth that Black women don’t wash their hair at all or very little. Well, that’s not really true. Due to the nature of our hair, daily washing is not necessary.

Oily and greasy hair is the result of not washing for those with straight hair. Curly hair?  Not So much!

Her hair was so matted up it had to be cut off!

So SOME Black women don’t wash their hair when it’s in a weave because they are not sure how to take care of it OR they are afraid they will mess up the style. This is what happens when you leave a weave in for an extended period of time. 

Your hair is GROWING. UNDER THOSE STITCHES. Since it’s braided up, it’s going to get matted and twisted up. There is little to do to save the hair underneath. So, this must be removed once the hair is matted.  

There is a legacy with Black women. Men like Tommy Sotomayor ignores this legacy when he makes ignorant videos about Black women JUST to get views for his channel,  but he doesn't realize the damage that he is doing to women of color and young men of color that watch his videos and are influenced. 

Our grandmothers did the same to our mothers. “Nappy headed gal!” “Good hair” are terms they grew up hearing. Then we grew up hearing the same things. That our worth was because of the hair on our heads. Parameters were set for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ hair and we were off! Generations of black women had their beauty confiscated from them. 

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY...Black women began to wear weave. Some because they like the style, others because it’s a protective style, but some of them are ashamed of their hair and how it won’t grow. It’s true. Some women are ashamed of the way it looks. I was one of those women. But instead of trying to lift these women up, Mr. Sotomayor drags them back down in the mud. 
It is important that if you’re going to wear a weave, you need to take care of it. Washing your hair is important. IT’s also important that you don’t keep the weave in for too long because your hair is still growing and it will tangle in with the hair and the stitches. So please wash your hair. 

Some women use a squirt bottle with shampoo and water to get under closures and full sew ins. The challenge is to make sure it’s DRY so sit under a dryer!!! So MILDEW doesn’t set in. It will. You have to cut that out.

  • IT’S important that you WASH your hair. 
  • Use a squirt bottle with shampoo and water to get under closures and full sew ins
  • Make sure the hair is super DRY. If you have a closure or a full sew in, a sit under dryer is imperative so you won’t get mildew.


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