Texlaxing Worth It?

What do you do when you want to keep your hair’s texture but you want to straighten the curl pattern more? For those of you that are 4B and 4C, sometimes you just need a better way to maintain your hair AND you don’t mind the use of chemicals to do so.

Introducing Texlaxing. We’ve talked about this before. For a while, I texlaxed. 

But here are the Pros and Cons

This is my niece with her hair just texlaxed. She needs a corrective texlaxing.It didn’t take as well.


You get hair that is manageable.
You get to maintain your curl pattern. 
You get the best of both worlds. 
Your hair gets straighter quickly.


Even though when your hair gets wet and curly, you can’t call yourself a “natural” any longer even though you look natural. 

If you overprocess, your hair will get straight. If you under process, it won’t do much good. You’ve put chemcicals in your hair for no good reason.

You can overprocess in some areas and under process in others, leaving different textures all over your head. 

This is my niece. She is texlaxing her hair. As you can see that her curls hang down her back. Before, that didn’t happen. Her curl pattern was very tight. Her shrinkage is off the charts however. But when we did her texlaxing, her hair began hanging down to her shoulders. However, we still under processed the hair and it’s back to curly. It’s almost in some ways like we did nothing to it. 

applying the creamy crack AKA relaxer

If your hair porosity is off, then putting chemicals in it could make things worse.  With hair that is over porous  the chemicals will work quickly! So you must work fast when doing a relaxed or else the results will make your hair straight. If your hair is low porosity, then the chemical process will take more time. It could take longer to get the results that you want. Therefore, there could be a problem with your hair getting too straight in some areas and not straight enough in other areas. So the porosity of your hair will be important. Someone with high porosity and wanting to add color don’t have to wait long for the color to take. Vice versa with low porosity.

Be careful when adding chemicals to your hair. You should only texlax once or twice a year. Let your new growth be at least three inches long before you do anything. If you relax your hair every eight weeks you need a whooping. Retain the hair that you grow. It’s a great option for those that want to maintain their curl pattern but loosen it just a bit. I loved it. 


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