The Mother That Used Too Much Coconut Oil In Her Child’s Hair ClapsBack!

This is Tionna. Her daughter is a happy Black child with gorgeous natural hair. We know that Tionna is a great mother, not only because her child is healthy and happy, she uses coconut oil in her child’s hair. 

This is a mom that knows what’s up, ookkkkaaaaayyyy?

However, one day she got a note from school from the teacher. Apparently, some of the kids decided to tease her daughter Amia because her hair “stunk”. She asked if she not use so much coconut hair in her daughter’s hair because of the smell and so that the other children wouldn’t tease her all day. 

Tionna flipped a gasket. As many parents would. 
“If you have to apply this daily – please do so lightly, so the kid’s (sic) don’t tease her."

Really? This woman is a teacher and I’ve spotted a few grammatical errors in the letter already.

"Tionna says that she’s been using the same hair grease on Amia’s hair for years but, ironically, the letter came on a day when she’d been sent to school after using a Wash ‘n’ Go shampoo that had merely contained coconut – not actual coconut oil.
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Tionna shared this post online and it went viral. Since the teacher offered an “apology” of sorts. Here is the post that Tionna shared after speaking with Carol the Teacher.....

Carol acted as if she was truly sorry for what happened. But let's be honest, we all know carol would have not cared if the post did not go viral. She does not give a damn about how I feel or how her employee made me feel!!!! All she cares about is her business and her reputation. All I care about is my child!!!! She keep calling me telling me what I need to do. That's the reason all this happened, you telling me what I NEED to do. Let's for the sake of argument say Amia's hair did stink and the bullying really did happen (but it didn't) the letter should have read. "Ms. Norris, an incident occurred at school today where the children teased Amia's hair because they were unfamiliar with the smell. I corrected the issue, we had a lesson about culture and why Amia's hair is different, the other parents were notified and I just wanted to let you know what transpired today." Then, leave it up to me to decide rather or not I want to use a different oil!!!! You ignorant A-hole!!! My child will never be returning there. That whole damn school need to be SHUT DOWN. Sincerely, a pissed off mom! How dare you ever disrespect me and my daughter like that????? And then blame it on the children? PATHETIC! Oh and carol "THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING" ðŸ–•ðŸ¾ðŸ–•ðŸ¾ðŸ–•ðŸ¾ðŸ–•ðŸ¾ðŸ–•ðŸ¾552

Here is the thing. Instead of telling this child to not wear so much coconut oil, which smells awesome if you ask me, how about use this as a opportunity to teach the kids to not tease other kids? How about we stop teaching our children to conform to the ideals of other people in order to fit in vs. being individuals and doing what’s best for them. That’s a novel ideal, right?

Hats off to Tionna for setting this teacher right! What is wrong with this woman? Coconut oil smells divine and we need to teach kids that it’s not alright to bully others because of things they may not understand. Too bad these kids don’t understand the wonderfulness of coconut oil. That should be part of the lesson plan.

ETA: Tionna didn’t use coconut oil on her daughter’s head but a product that used coconut oil as an ingredient. 


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