Wait! Before You Buy That Weave from AliExpress Read This!


First off, I love Doll Face Barbie and this is not about him. This is about buying weave from vendors.

Doll Face Barbie has one of the best install videos on YouTube. I watch his videos with envy as he flips through his hair and lip syncs to popular songs on the videos.

The hair that he gets FOR FREE most of the time, he installs and does a review video. Now again, I LOVE DOLL FACE BARBIE, but I want you to think about this for a second. DFB gets tons of hair for free. His installs don’t really last longer than four weeks. Most of you buying hair from AliExpress will be wearing the hair that you purchase much longer than this. You will be wearing this weave and be doing many things to it: cutting curling, etc.

DFB can afford this. Many of you can not. Many of you lovely ladies are in school and are trying to do better for yourselves while being the Goddesses that you are. But DFB will have a new install in a few weeks. Chances are, you’ll be wearing the same one.

Choose your vendors wisely.

On DFB videos, there are comments under this beautiful hair where women are complaining about the bad quality of some of the hair. Does DFB just get a better batch? Perhaps. Or it could be that he’s only wearing that hair once or twice.

Make sure you get more reviews before spending your hair earned  money.
DFB is fabulous beyond words. I love him and his positive message. I’m just asking you to take a step back for a minute and make sure you know wha you’re purchasing first. Don’t go off one review. DFB always looks fabulous no matter what. Make sure you do as well.


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