End of The Year Length Check and Happy Holidays


So here we are at the end of the year. 2016 has been a tumultuous one. For many different reasons too. I’ll stay away from politics here but I will say that there are lots of changes that are to come in this country and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

My hair has had its triumphs and devastating blows. I started chemo this year and so far, it’s not made a difference but with my thyroid issues, my hair is brittle...but growing. Which I’m glad for.

Top ways of Taking Care of Your Hair on Chemo

1. Not everyone loses their hair on chemo. It depends. Use mild products, even baby shampoo if you wish.

2. Chemo may affect how hair coloring takes to your hair. Avoid having these procedures done.

3. I’ve read that some women hair grew in a different texture or even color after chemo. One woman had curly hair after straight hair all her life.

4. Stay away from styles pulling your hair.

5. Natural products may or may not work for your illness, but your hair will love it. Make sure you do your research first on the product that you want to use.

My Hair

My hair everyone! One day I was bored and I twisted my hair in twists. It’s been like that for two months now. Hubby doesn’t like it but hey....it’s not his hair, right? So I’ve been wearing this style and I like it fine for walking around the house and going outside for errands. I haven’t done much but try to work out and get my legs moving. I look forward to ditching my wheelchair one day but not sure how or if I can do that.  But it sure feels good to try and make my legs stronger again.

So I had my daughter stretch my hair and she showed me the length of my hair. It’s growing. So I’ve learned that minimal things will grow your hair. You don’t need a lot ladies and gents.

Is this BSL or BSB (Bra Strap Length or Beyond Shoulder Blade)?
Let me know in the comments and see you in 2017!

Happy Holidays to you all.


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