I’m Doing Everything Right so What Am I Doing Wrong?: 5 Reasons Why Won’t My Hair Grow

You keep your hair clean and you take care of it as well as you think it should be. Why won’t your hair grow then? You have seen the girls on YouTube with their hair down to their hips. So why can’t that be you? Why does it seem like when it comes to you, your hair won’t grow?

Well there could be a few reasons....

1.Do you cut your ends more than twice a year?

2. Do you go to a stylist more than twice a year?

3. Do you have chemicals in your hair?

4. Do you always have your hands in your hair?

5. What type of styles do you wear?

Answer these five questions and it could give some insight into why your hair won’t grow.

Let us look at number one.  Stylists love to cut hair. They often cut off an inch or a half an inch here and there. Well think about it. The average person’s hair growth for a year is six inches. If you are getting your ends cut from an inch at least twice a year, you’ve lost two inches. Any more than that and you’re literally cutting off your progress. SO it looks as if your hair isn’t growing when it is.
After! Look at my ponytail Now!

Number two is almost the same as #1 and #5. When you go to the stylist, lots of things are being done to your hair at once. Whether chemicals are being applied, ends are being cut, or you are wearing high maintenance styles, this can affect your growth as well.

Breakage is a BITCH!
Number three is interesting because this could be controversial. Yes, women with relaxers hair can grow as long as anyone’s, however if you’re not taking care of your hair, it will affect it. Your hair is always growing, we are simply talking about retaining length. That’s key here. The more chemicals you put in your hair, the more you must do to keep up the health. We all say that we will make sure our hair is healthy but life often gets in the way. You may be too tired to moisturize or shampoo your hair one day. One day won’t hurt but it could lead to a pattern. Relaxed hair needs protein. Natural hair needs more moisture. Our hair can use both. Too much of either and disaster can strike. Not enough of either and again...disaster.  If you’re going to put hair color or a relaxer in your hair, you must take care of it.

Hand in Hair disease can lead to too much manipulation. That can lead to breakage. Doing this results in losing length. I promise you, this leads to a lot of headache. I’ve never had long hair until now.

My hair is finally the way that I want it to look after all these years!

After my hair started to grow, I began to play with it constantly. I would smack the back of my neck, not realizing that it was MY hair that was tickling it. Hilarious. However, it’s important that you keep your hands out of your hair and wear low manipulation styles. Bantu knots are NOT a protective style. They are a low manipulation style. 

And #5....what kinds of styles do you wear? We all want our hair to be cute, but it is important that we choose styles where your hair is kept clean, neat, and protected. The more complicated the style, the more chance you have to damage your hair. Treat your hair like lace. It’s okay to wear elaborate styles SOMETIMES. But not all the time. If you want long hair, then you must make sure that you are keeping it protected. That’s the key. You know, ten years ago, I began my hair journey. I’ve made mistakes. Technically I should be at waist length but I had some setbacks and medical issues. But I’ve waited years to be shoulder length and now I’m beyond that. 

You can be too. I made mistakes but I write about them so that YOU don’t make them. You’ll surpass me soon enough and I’ll see you at waist length.


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