Snap Weaves Are Here Y’all!

Snap on, snap off.

Childs play.

Its a saying that people use when they are stating that something is easy that a child could do it. Now, it’s really true. Your child could literally snap on your weave. I don’t know about doing the entire job, however, a child could manage to snap on a track or two before running off to watch Nick Jr.

So it’s here. Snapping an entire weave on. Hairstylists and beauticians, pack your things because the most ignorant person can now install their own weaves and make it look professional. There is really no way that one could mess this one up.

Using a special cap with snaps, one could literally snap their weave on and off at will. Want to go from curly to straight? You can do so in minutes. An entire head can be done in thirty minutes.

This is the cap that is being used.  It has snaps on it and will allow you to snap the tracks on it, which have snaps as well. The front of the wig has snaps for the closures with snaps on it as well. It really is ingenious.

There are many different types of hair that you can use. I have heard that people like the hair and said that it’s great but I can’t really go on these early reports as to the quality of the hair. This could revolutionize the entire industry. Especially if this system picks up steam. Women spend millions of dollars a year for hair extensions. 

The downside to this is that I haven’t seen a system for women that are interested in a marital weave versus an entire weave. For some one that just wants a few tracks in their hair, I don’t see how this system would be helpful to them. I could be missing something, however I’m not sure how that would be addressed. But the awesome part is that you don’t have to be a hair stylist to want to get a sew in weave AND the fact that it is affordable. 

If you purchase a bundle, the special U-Part Cap comes with it. 


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