Wow African Wigs Worth It

Screenshot from YouTube
Wow African Wigs has garnered quite a reputation. On YouTube, many gurus are singing the praises of this company. I don’t pay too much attention to the gurus on YouTube. They are often sent the best wigs in the batch.

Once word gets out and people start purchasing these wigs, the demand grows and the wig quality goes down dramatically. #Facts.

They feature great hairlines and customer service. They seem to be very professional and not as expensive as RPGShow wigs or Ruth’s Beauty Wigs. However, one needs to be careful here when purchasing any wig online.

I have no experience with this company but while during my research, I haven’t come across anything alarming. Have you dealt with this company? How are the wigs? Are they up to your standard? Do they shed? Do they fall apart?

Please reply in the comments. My daughter is looking at one right now. So I’ll let you know what she decides.


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