The Goddess Loc Phenomenon

Goddess Locs appeared on the scene and took over!
I found this style on a young lady on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. At the end of the loc, the hair is spiraled curled to give it a different look.


I am wearing Freetress Goddess Locs 20 inches in 1B crocheted into my hair with the very front individually wrapped. I love this style but it is so heavy! I’ve always wanted faux locs and now I have them! I think this will be a signature style for me for a long time. 

It’s wonderful to get up and not have to do much to your hair. This is the style for me for sure. Black women are seeing this for themselves as they rush to braiders to get faux locs crocheted into their heads. It’s also pretty easy to do as a DIY.

If you can cornrow and use a crochet latch, you can do this style in a short period of time. There are different ways to achieve the individuals in the front, but I don’t recommend those all over the head. The loc is very heavy and if your own hair is weak and damaged, this will be heavy on your individual strands. Crocheting them in is a much better way of making sure your hair can handle the stress. 

I love this style and the cute jewels that I applied to adorn my  hair! 


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